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The Accuplacer assessment test is a product of the CollegeBoard and is used by all MnSCU schools to assess readiness for college-level curriculum and to place students into our curriculum. It is an online test that takes approximately 2 hours to complete and results are known immediately. All students who assess receive post-test advising consultation with a staff member from Minneapolis Community and Technical College to review the results of the assessment and to discuss options for coursework. As part of K-12 Connections outreach to our school partners, MCTC provides Accuplacer assessment at community schools free of charge to students and the school. If you would like to schedule assessment testing at your school, please contact Dena Russell to reserve a time.

There are three placement test sections: reading, writing and math. In accordance with MnSCU policy and procedures, MCTC uses reading comprehension scores and placements to determine all writing placements for native English speakers. For ESOL students, there will be additional assessments to determine reading and writing comprehension skills in order to accurately assess a student's placement into our curriculum.

Our college policy allows students to retest once per testing term but not more than three times in 12 months. Students may not test again if coursework has begun in the discipline being tested; there are no exceptions to this policy. It is imperative that students take the test seriously and prepare ahead of time. More information can be found here.

Be sure to utilize Accuplacer test information compiled by MCTC or type "Accuplacer Practice" into any search engine. There are many free sites available for students to practice the test. Familiarity with the Accuplacer test enables students to perform their best.

For seamless transition into college, students need to place into the following classes:  READ 1300, ENGL 1110 and MATH 1110. MCTC offers pre-college classes to help students prepare for college-level classes. These classes can be taken before graduation through Jump Start to College, PSEO, or they could be taken after graduation through Power of YOU or standard enrollment


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