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Program description

Become a part of a growing industry with great potential for well-paid jobs and opportunities for advancement with MCTC’s Electrical Construction and Technology program. Students will get hands-on experience and instruction from experienced teachers about all the aspects of electrical wiring and systems for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. 

Program start and location

New students are no longer being accepted to this program.

Degree options and requirements

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Electrical Construction and Technology Diploma—72 credits

What you will learn

  • MCTC’s Electrical Construction and Technology program will train you to install and repair electrical wiring and systems in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. 
  • You will learn electrical theory as you perform hands-on practical laboratory exercises.  
  • You will make electrical connections, install different types of wiring used in the trade and develop a strong basic knowledge of transformers, motors and control systems. 
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  • MCTC’s experienced instructors will give you extensive training in advanced motor control, conduit installation and bending techniques and wiring practices.
  • Instructors also will emphasize special features of commercial electrical systems and show you how to use diagnostic procedures to determine what causes electrical failures.
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Points of pride

  • MCTC's Electrical Construction and Technology program is active in SkillsUSA and has had many state winners in the Construction Electricity competition and several national winners.
  • You will have an opportunity to learn in a “hands on” environment.
  • Small class sizes allow for personal attention with experienced instructors.
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  • MCTC has a great reputation and relationship with industrial companies, giving you a leg up in getting hired when you complete the program.
  • Electrical Construction and Technology has a related employment rate of over 83% and a reported wage rate of more than $21 an hour (more than $40,000 per year). Construction Electricity is one of the very best economic opportunities available to metro area citizens looking for a career. If you want to work on a Light Rail Line or a Stadium or an apartment skyscraper, this is the place for you.
  • MCTC leaders are meeting with the Stadium Commission and other big builders in Minneapolis to assure students have a clean shot at every construction electricity opportunity in Minneapolis. President Phil Davis and Vice Presidents have briefed the Mayor, City Councilmembers and school leadership on the quality of technical programs here, their track record during the recession, and the bright outlook in Minneapolis, where the City has led in residential units constructed for the last six years.
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Where you could work

  • Electrical contracting companies
  • Electrical supply companies
  • Electrical power companies
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  • Property management companies
  • Government inspection agencies
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Potential job titles

  • Construction electrician
  • Construction and building inspector
  • Electrician
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  • Line installer and repairer
  • Power plant operator
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Occupational outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for Electricians are good, particularly for workers with the widest range of skills. In addition to jobs created by the increased demand for electrical work, openings are expected over the next decade as electricians retire.


This program is part of the Academy of Manufacturing and Building Sciences. Click here for more information.


This program is part of the Academy of Manufacturing and Building Sciences. Click here for more information.

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