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Central Scheduling

The Central Scheduling Department exists to coordinate all scheduling on campus. Academic classes, college events and meetings, student club activities/events/meetings as well as external rentals are all coordinated by this one-stop-shop. If you are interested in renting space, please contact the Central Scheduling Coordinator directly.

Central Scheduling needs the following information before we can make a reservation (failure to give complete information may cause a delay in the scheduling of your request):

  • Title of event
  • Contact name, phone, fax and e-mail
  • Sponsoring organization
  • Date(s) of event
  • Time(s) of event (actual starting and ending times)
  • Room or building preference (first and second choices)
  • Set-up needs (if any)
  • Audio/visual needs (if any)

Note: A room request is not confirmed until a representative from Central Scheduling has contacted you with a confirmation via e-mail.

Contact Us:


Phone: 612-659-6893

Central Scheduling Coordinator – Meg Giesen, M.S. or 612-659-6892

Academic Scheduler – LeAnn Patterson or 612-659-6111

Central Scheduling Staff Kate Shields and Kevin Curtis or 612-659-6000 ext. 4892 or 612-659-6895

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