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Alumni and Foundation

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral Scholarships

Pastor Paul Lebens-Englund
by Philip Hsiao

This year Pastor Paul Lebens-Englund and Deacon Lisa Wiens Heinsohn visited MCTC to see how they could best support our students. A week later they were collecting donations from one of our campus' most cherished church partner--Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral across Loring Park.

The St. Mark's community has done much for our students over the years--mentoring and feeding and otherwise providing for those with needs. This year, Paul and Lisa have led a drive to assist our Resource Center in securing Christmas gifts and then announced a scholarship fund over the Advent Season. St Marks has dedicated these funds to help students who are struggling with homelessness and our Northside students. They have raised $17,532 to date through the Power of You Program.

Mike Christenson, MCTC Foundation, said, "it is a privilege to ask people to support our students, but Paul and Lisa acted instantly to raise our student needs into a St. Mark's campaign for justice and opportunity. What a gift it is to work with leaders of faith! We are so grateful."

Read the appeal letter from Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral.