Apply for the Power of YOU

The Power of YOU supports as many students as possible based on student need and funds available for the program each year.

All steps below must be completed and submitted to Power of YOU Program at MCTC by May 1, 2014 for applicants to be considered for the Power of YOU program beginning Fall 2014.

Application steps

  1. Print and complete all six pages of the application making sure to sign where required. Mail the application to the address listed on the 2013 Application.
  2. Complete the MCTC placement tests. Testing hours, sample questions and information are available online or contact the Testing Center at 612-659-6262. The placement tests are free and are first come, first served. If you took the Accuplacer test at your high school, transfer your test results to the Testing Center at MCTC.
  3. Submit the 2013-14 Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) on-line. The 2013-14 application will be available on-line January 2014. MCTC FAFSA school code: 002362. NOTE: This process can take several weeks, START EARLY!
  4. Verify 2013-2014 FAFSA with MCTC Financial Aid office. MCTC Financial Aid Office will mail the required financial aid verification paperwork to student. This verification paperwork is required before an eligible student can be sent a Power of YOU acceptance letter and be invited to a Power of YOU summer 2014 orientation session.

Power of YOU Advisors are available to assist with ALL the application steps.

Note: Power of YOU Applicants will receive a written notification of admittance to Minneapolis Community and Technical College from the Admissions Office.

Acceptance to MCTC is NOT acceptance to the Power of YOU Program. Notification letters of acceptance to the Power of YOU program will be sent beginning in June 2014.