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Want to take one or more courses at MCTC without seeking a degree, diploma or certificate? Whether you are looking for new work skills, a chance to pursue a personal interest or credits toward a degree program elsewhere, you can apply to take a class without being enrolled in an associate-degree or technical program. If you are a student in the MnSCU system please see the process for visiting MnSCU students.

Before you can sign up for a class, you have to meet the college’s admission requirements and apply and be accepted for admission into the college. You also have to meet any placement-test requirements or prerequisites for the class you want to take. If your educational intent is simply to take a class as a non-degree seeking student, orientation is not a required enrollment step.

You will not be eligible to receive state or federal financial aid if you are not enrolled in a degree, diploma or certificate program at MCTC.

Application steps

  1. Apply online. As the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system transitions to a common log in process across campuses, you may experience technical difficulties with the online application. If so, please call 612-659-6765.

  2. Pay the $20 nonrefundable application fee. Please pay with your credit or debit card online at the end of the online application so your application process will not be delayed. You can also give a check to Business Services by mail or in person. Do not send cash.
  3. Take the college placement tests if the course has required testing level. If you have attended college previously or have taken Accuplacer tests at other institutions, you may request a testing exemption.
  4. When you are accepted into the college, you receive a student ID and pin number so you can register for classes online. You can register beginning on the date on the Academic Calendar for “non-degree seeking student registration” about one month before the start of a semester.


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MCTC Works! Register now for fall classes.

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MCTC Funciona!

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