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"This college has fabulous facilities. A teacher cannot ask for a better learning environment."

–Stephen Nesser

Strategic Action Plan 2014–15

Overarching Institutional Goals

  • Student Success: Graduation to Transfer or Employment
  • Educational Equity: Success for All Students

Strategic Priority I – Engage Students

Create an engaging college experience in which all students can succeed.

Strategy I.1: Teaching and Learning

Increase student success by facilitating the achievement of learning outcomes through aligned assessment methods, engaging curricula, and innovative teaching practices.

Strategy I.2: Success Pathways

Guide and support students through each phase of a personalized yet structured route to transfer or employment, starting with the initial student experience.

Strategy I.3: Tailored Transitions

Deliver academic programs and student services that fit the needs and life experiences of distinctive student groups.

Strategy I.4: Online Education

Enhance MCTC’s capacity to meet the rapidly increasing demand for online delivery of courses, including providing access to the technology and support services students need to succeed.

Strategy I.5: Enrollment Management

Create and implement strategic plans to grow enrollment through recruitment and retention in alignment with the college’s goals of student success and educational equity.


Strategic Priority II – Strengthen Diversity 

Use the diversity that already exists at MCTC to become the “diversity college of choice” and prepare students to thrive in their local and global environments.

Strategy II.1: Diversity Framework

Use a diversity/equity/inclusion framework in all aspects of    College functioning.

Strategy II.2: Cultural Competence

Increase the internal cultural competence of the organization, reaching across all roles, levels and units of the College.

Strategy II.3. Connections to Diverse Communities

Utilize external connections to diverse local, national and international communities to support MCTC student success and educational equity. 


Strategic Priority III – Empower Employees

Build a high-functioning organization that empowers all employees to support student success and educational equity.

Strategy III.1: Small College Feel

Improve problem-solving and service to students by shrinking the distance between the employee and the solution to any problem - including in how we communicate across departments and make decisions at all levels.

Strategy III.2: Employer-of-choice

Improve the recruitment, selection, retention and professional development of our diverse, talented, and dedicated employees.

Strategy III.3:  Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Increase employee access to and use of quality data and information to support student success and educational equity.

MCTC Unites Against Violence

Teachers and students at Minneapolis Community and Technical College plan to stand up against violence Thursday. Learn more in this KARE 11 story.

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