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Frequently Asked Questions–Request for Qualifications for Public Art

Can we have access to floor plans?

Please see the floor plans available on the bids page.

Do we have photos of the exterior plaza? 

Plaza Overview 

Plaza overview (above)

Spruce Entrance 

Spruce Street entrance overview (above)

What are the demographics of the student body? 

Please see our fact sheet for available student demographics.

How many students are there on campus in 2013/2014? 

Please see our fact sheet.

What's the total number of first generation immigrant students and which countries are they from? 

Please see our fact sheet for available student demographics.

The Financial Requirements section of the contract states that "Compensation will be paid after services are performed." Is there a way that a different payment schedule could be developed, particularly one that includes a down payment? Artists will be needing to purchase materials and will have other related expenses that would require the down payment long before the installation.

The State of Minnesota, MNSCU, Minneapolis Community and Technical College cannot provide down payments. Minneapolis Community and Technical College DOES NOT make regular payments based on the passage of time. 

The successful artist will enter into a contract and will be required to provide a timeline and budget. Time line and budget document can be viewed at on the bids page

The successful artist will be able to invoice partial payments as negotiated and defined in the contract for expenses incurred by the artist. Payment is only made after the submission of an authorized and properly itemized invoice and back up to include invoices and receipt of materials. We cannot prepay artist for materials. 

MCTC may consider partial fee payments for work performed. Payment is only made after submission of documentation to confirm status of what is being invoiced. 

The timeline lists Dec. 31, 2015 as the contract termination date. Is this also the final date of the installation? If not, when is the installation expected to occur?

All work, close out documentation and invoicing needs to be 100% completed on or before December 31, 2015. 

Actual installation dates will be negotiated with the successful artist. 

If the "Notice to proceed" occurs after July 25, 2014, will the installation date also be delayed in the same amount of time?

Actual installation dates will be negotiated with the successful artist. December 31, 2015 contract termination date will not be changed.  Notice to proceed date of July 25, 2014 is an approximate date. Minneapolis Community and Technical College does not anticipate delays on our end. 

You are required to Include a statement in the proposal that you have reviewed the sample contract from MnSCU and have no objections to signing our contract. If you takes exception to any term or condition in this document, clearly reference in your proposal the section number of the term or condition, describe the exception or deviation and propose alternative language.