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Health and Safety

Campus Security Report, Crime Statistics, Crime Log, Timely Warning, Emergency Response and Evacuation Information

How disclosed: Report made available through electronic media and mailings

Office/person responsible: Public Safety

Institutions must distribute, by October 1 each year, a security report or a notice of the report to all current students and employees. If the institutions distributes the report by posting it on the institution’s website, the institution must provide a notice by October 1 that includes a a statement of the report’s availability, the exact electronic address, a brief description of the report’s contents, and a statement that the institution will provide a paper copy upon request. The emergency response and evacuation information must be included in the institution’s annual security report.

The institution must provide notice to prospective students and employees that include a statement of the report’s availability, a description of it contents, and an opportunity to request a copy. If the report is posted on a website the notice must include the exact electronic address and a statement that the institution will provide a paper copy of the report upon request.

The institution must submit the crime statistics to the Department of Education. The Department of Education is required to make the statistics available to the public.

The institution must make timely reports to the camps community of crimes considered to be a threat to students and employees that are reported to campus security authorities or to local police agencies.


How disclosed: Made available through appropriate publications, or electronic media

Office/person responsible: Registration and Records Office

Institutions must make available to current and prospective students information about institutional policies regarding immunization.